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We offer high quality film scanning for 35mm, APS, 120/220 and 4x5 formats. Color or Black and white, positive or negative, we do it all. Scans can be ordered to a specific size (in inches or pixels) or quality (dpi). We offer digital retouching to improve overall image quality or to your specific requirements. Scanned images can be returned to you via CD-Rom, DVD, floppy disk(for very small scans), Zip disk or electronic transfer. Printed output of your scans are available in sizes from 2"x3" to 24"x96"


Scan Pricing
  • from 35mm, APS, 120/220 and 4x5 formats
  • up to 8.5" x 11" print or flat art
  • up to 8" x 10" transparencies or negatives
1k - 100k file size $ 2.49 each
101k - 250k file size $ 2.59 each
251k - 500k file size $ 2.69 each
501k - 750k file size $ 3.79 each
751k - 1.2m file size $ 4.99 each
1.21m - 2.5m file size $ 5.99 each
2.51m - 5.0m file size $ 8.99 each
5.01m - 7.5m file size $ 9.99 each
7.51m - 9.99m file size $10.99 each
10m - 14.99m file size $12.99 each
15m - 19.99m file size $ 15.99 each
20m - 24.99m file size $ 21.99 each
25m - 29.99m file size $ 28.99 each
30m and larger: $ request quotation

Media Pricing (add as required for file sizes)

Floppy disk Mac or PC $ 8.49 per disk
CD-Rom Mac or ISO9660 $ 19.99 per disk
Zip Disk Mac or PC $ 27.99 per disk
DVD Mac or PC $ 39.95 per disk
Other media $ request quotation

Other Services (add as desired)

Retouching $ 82.00 per hour
Masking $ 82.00 per hour
Color matching $ 82.00 per hour
Color conversion (color to greyscale) $ 9.50 per file
Custom file sizing (resolution) $ 9.50 per file
Custom file sizing (size in inches or pixels) $ 9.50 per file
Thumbnail image included with image file $ no charge
Other services $ request quotation

Return shipping charges will be added to the total order cost. Please specify shipping method desired.


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