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P.O. Box 3367, Orange, CA 92857

Phone: (714) 637-3288
Fax: (714) 637-4467

Email: workshops@robbepp.com

RGP is planning a new series of photographic workshops for 2006 in the following areas:

  • Product photography methods including lighting using 35mm and 4x5.
  • Operation of studio lighting equipment and studio light metering techniques
  • Digital camera set-up and operation
  • Lens selection and use
  • Portrait or people photography in the studio with both electronic flash and hot (tungsten) lighting
  • Portrait or people photography outdoors with both electronic flash, reflector and natural lighting

The first workshops will be in the Southern California (Orange County) area.

Many of our photography workshops are still in the planning stage. Please feel free to contact us with your interests or ideas.


We offer individual or small group tutoring in the areas listed above. Please contact us for rates or other information. Individual or small group tutoring is an extremely fast, concentrated method of learning.


Thank you.

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